Our Concern

Montgomery County has changed dramatically: it is no longer a sleepy, bedroom community; instead, more vibrant, urbanized areas of the County have emerged as major employment centers. But our region has not invested in adequate road and transit facilities to connect us all together and provide more livable communities. In order to stay strong and competitive, and protect our quality of life, we need to offer future generations a wider choice of living options where they can live, work and play, without unbearable traffic congestion or total dependence on automobiles. Without targeted investments in new capacity, a commitment to deliver master-planned road and transit facilities, and more transit-oriented developments in key employment areas, the County’s economic future will be jeopardized.

By the Numbers

  • On average, each of us wastes 82 hours a year to congestion delays – the worst in the nation
  • Roadway congestion will increase by 72% by 2040 if we just keep doing what we’ve been doing
  • Over 250,000 people a day are stuck on I-270; with similar numbers facing total gridlock every day on the American Legion Bridge
  • We could improve peak-hour speeds on I-270 by up to 87% with a combination of new lane capacity and dedicated transit service
  • The I-270 corridor is Maryland’s #1 new job-creation center
  • 77,000 riders are anticipated to ride the Purple Line daily once built
  • 350,000 people now live ½ mile from the Purple Line corridor
  • 23,000 jobs will be generated per year by the economic impact of the Purple Line, over a 30-year period
  • Nearly 36,000 riders a day are projected on the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT), connecting the Universities at Shady Grove, Shady Grove Metro, and the Life Sciences Center
  • Local Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service is planned for 3 major corridors: Route 355, Route 29, and Viers Mill Road, to improve local transit access to key job centers
  • We can create over 100,000 jobs through policies aimed at attracting new jobs to grow our tax base, and improving road and transit access to key technology centers like White Flint, White Oak and the I-270 Corridor

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